• Fali üvegképek

      Metallic Artwork

      Innovation in decorating. Handmade creations are made of sheet metal. Metal plates are created by welding, pressing and cutting. The elements are welded together and give the individual mood of the particular decoration with different painting and antique methods. In terms of style, they are made of modern minimalism and classical style in all sorts of moods and forms. Decorations include different themes, colors, sizes and series.


      All of our hand-painted wall decorations are exclusive, luxury streched canvases on wooden frame, uniquely designed according to the latest, home decorational fashion trends. These pictures do not require framing, they can be placed on the wall as they are.

      In terms of the technique, we have the following types of images:
      The Gold & Silver collection is a uniquelly desiged, exclusive range of oil painitings. Each product of the special, mainly abstract style of the series can be matched with all other items of the collection.
      The Art & Luxury collection is our widest range of luxurious oil painting selection combining all different emblishments. Varying in different colours, size and material of the different themes; abstract, landscape, portrayal, natural and still-life.
      Premium Art collection’s style varies from mediterranian through plants and flowers to figural, portrayal designs. This selection is a crosswork of printed canvas and hand-painted art work.

    • Fali üvegképek

      Pictures with strass & metal sequins

      These streched canvas prints are streched on wooden frame and give your home special design and unique oriental feeling. Most of the canvas prints are coated with a metallic effect, providing a special light and color effect. The pictures are decorated with rhinestones, rivets, etc. and ornamented with oriental moods. These special elements are all hand-painted and unique. Following the latest trends, mandala, circular motifs and warm-toned shades are on all of the pieces of the collection.

    • Glass Art / Glass pictures

      Glass Art / Glass pictures

      Plate glass wall decorations are gaining popularity, encompassing famous photographic themes, nature pictures and delicious gastronomic themes around the world. Glass images include different themes, colors, sizes and series. It is a proper decoration for not only the modern or minimalist rooms but for the classical style interiors as well.

    • ART & Photography

      ART & Photography

      This is a collection of artistic photo themes, showing motifs with different appearances. High-quality photo prints are all stretched on wooden frame, so further framing is not required.

      Canvas Prints:
      These photo prints affect their environment with the appearance of beauty and simplicity. The photo prints on canvas are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and motifs. Motifs include plants, landscapes, exotic animals, mood photos, spa and kitchen themes.

      Motivational canvas prints:
      You can create ‘talking walls’ into the apartment or office by choosing these positive thoughts, cheerful, youthful texts, quotations. Stretched on wooden frames, picturing a text, in multicolored sets that can be used to decorate even



      The classic and vintage trends began to re-represent a lifestyle over the last few years, which is an integral part of the home decoration.
      Our vintage mood framed pictures are with antique effect in vintage green, cream and blue colours. Mostly motifs are depicting still life on canvas as hand-painted unique creations. In our classic collection, we put 3 different hand-painted canvas prints in a single frame with unique paspartu. Thus, getting an elongated picture makes it very suitable for bedrooms, living room decorations. Our classic frames are made in gold, silver and brown colors, mostly with still life motifs.

    • Accessories


      Our plate glass wall clocks can be purchased in two different shapes, in a big variety of colors and motifs in our webstore. It mainly focuses on photo themes in round and angular design as a great home decoration accessory. The clockwork works with a 1.5V AA battery.

      Our mirrors can be used mainly as decorative items. In different sizes and designs, you can find sets with 3 pieces, larger unique mirrors, framed and metal-framed artworks. In terms of frame-colors, we have antique vintage style (beige, brown) and golden-silver coloured frames.


– I really like a product, but unfortunately the size is not right. Is it possible to order a different size?

All of our products can only be purchased in the sizes and colours shown on the website, unfortunately we cannot accept individual requests.


– Does the Art Galéria have a showroom?

We do not have a showroom yet, so you can only see our products on our website and at our partners (XXXLutz, Praktiker, Bauhaus, Interspar).


– I have selected a few products, is there a chance to see them in person?

Yes, there is! Put the product(s) – you are interested in – in the cart and place an order. Select the personal pick-up as the shipping option and on-site payment as the payment option. This does not involve any obligation to buy, it’s mainly important for us to prepare the products you have selected from our warehouse. If you like one of the products, you can buy it on the spot for cash.


– Can I pay by credit card at personal pick-up?

At our pick-up point you can only pay in cash, but you can also pay in advance by barion (safe online payment by credit card) or direct bank transfer after placing your order.


– I requested my order with home delivery, but unfortunately I don’t like the product. Can I cancel the order?

Sure! You can cancel your purchase within 14 calendar days of receiving the product, this must be indicated by e-mail (info@art-galeria.hu). This requires that the products should have the original, undamaged foil/packaging. (Otherwise, unfortunately, we are not able to take it back or replace the product.) The return of the ordered product is always the responsibility of the customer. You can even bring it back to our warehouse in person or by courier service, the cost of return must be paid by the buyer. Once the product has been returned to us in undamaged condition, we have 14 calendar days to refund or replace the full amount. You can read more about the withdrawal on the GTC page, or inquire with our colleagues by e-mail or phone.


– I have indicated a personal pick-up as for shipping option, but I cannot go to the pick-up point. What can I do?

We can change the personal pick-up to shipping afterwards, but in this case we will charge the shipping cost for orders under HUF 30.000, which you can pay cash on delivery to the courier. For orders over HUF 30.000 we will deliver the product free of charge. To change the delivery method, please contact our colleagues by e-mail or phone.


– Where can I find your products abroad?

You can find our products in more and more Bauhaus in Austria and XXXLutz stores in Romania.


– Do you deliver abroad?

Yes, we deliver to Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. The shipping cost and the free delivery limit may vary from country to country.


– Can I place my order by e-mail or phone?

We can only accept orders placed on our website, but if you get stuck, please contact one of our colleagues who will be happy to help you.


– Where can I validate my coupon code?

When you place your order, you can validate your coupon in the grey bar at the top of the page, in the 4. Summary section.


– I registered on the website, but I cannot find the coupon code for the 5% gift. 

You will find the coupon code in the confirmation e-mail (for your registration), or you can access it by logging into our website and clicking on the Orders tab in the left-hand menu.


– I recently saw a product on the website, but now I cannot find it. What should I do?

In this case, please contact us by e-mail or phone, as there may be a last piece of the product left in our warehouse. However, it is important to point out that our products and collections are constantly changing, so it is worth to place an order for the decoration as soon as possible.


– How to place the decoration on the wall?

Glass, canvas, framed pictures, oil paintings and mirrors should be hung in a similar way: depending on the size of the decoration, fix it to the wall at one, two or three points using nails or screws and dowels. Hook the head of the screw or nail into the groove on the back of the product or place it by the stretcher. Fix the framed pictures at a minimum of two points, with the screws or nails as close as possible to the corner points. For metal wall decorations, the hanging position is pre-designed, nails and screws are not included. Our abstract decorations can be placed on the wall in other orientations than those shown on the website.


Have more questions? 🙂 Feel free to contact us!