1077 Budapest, Nagy Diófa utca 22.
Tel.: +36 1 788 2570, Mobil: +36 70 947 7382

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About us

„ART-GALERIA” engaged in producing and trading paintings, canvases, reproductions.
For hotels, office buildings, restaurants we offer to sum up the faces to be decorated and make designs for free.
It is possible to make unique decorations, as well.

Why from ART-Galéria?
We represent publishing companies from Western-Europe, Canada and the USA, which guarantees superior quality and affordable prices. We offer more than 15.000 paintings in several styles. You can buy the products in our showroom as well as by our dealers.

How to order?
Visit gallery named „Products”, select quantity of the picture wanted, and put it into the basket. You can modify the content here, then go to the „Cashier”, fill in the form, and send it to us. We will contact You in two days.